What Clients Say

What our clients say…


“Sierra Club was looking for a consulting firm to advise us on the US electric vehicles market and how we could accelerate that market with key strategies and in priority locations. AlterAction was just the right team to do this with us. They offered us insightful analyses, helpful data, and expertise in transportation, pollution reduction, behavior change, and public policy. They are also collaborative workers, and we enjoyed the project nearly as much as we appreciate the results.”sierraclub-logo


Gina Coplon-Newfield
Director, Future Fleet & Electric Vehicles (EV) Initiative
Sierra Club

“Smart advice, well researched and thought out. Willing to provide ideas and solutions beyond the ones you are looking for. And really good and Chautauquadecent people to work with.”


Geof Follansbee
Chautauqua Foundation

“As engineers, it’s often difficult for us to present our findings in an easy-to-understand manner. AlterAction familiarized themselves with our industry, diagnosed our problem, and FEMA2leveraged their behavior marketing expertise to provide us a top notch solution that exceeded our expectations. They were always responsive, within budget, and a pleasure to work with.”

Eric Ratcliffe
Project Manager
FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

“The team at AlterAction has provided us with unparalleled service over the past ten years in conducting technical marketing for a variety of EPA ENERGY STAR voluntary energy efficiency programs. From something as broad as “Green IT” to something as specific as efficient battery chargers, AlterAction has always been able to define the appropriate audience, develop focused messaging that resonates with that audience and markedly increase participation in these programs.”Alter Action Client Testimonials

Robert Huang
Senior Associate
The Cadmus Group

“AlterAction has helped us to develop strategies to improve environmental performance in key sectors, and provided us with additional resources to implement those strategies. Their team is clear-thinking, data-driven, and effective.”EDF

Victoria Mills
Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships
Environmental Defense Fund

“We found AlterAction to be a great partner to work with. Excellent research and insights into our project needs as well as consistent communication. Highly recommended.”ACH Payments

Wayne Akey
ACH Payments

Alter Action Client Testimonials

“AlterAction was easy to work with and very responsive to our needs.”

Judy Levin
Co-director, Pollution Prevention
Center for Environmental Health

“AlterAction developed a guidance document about a number of highly technical energy efficiency measures, intended for a lay audience, that is outstanding and exactly suited our needs. In the first year it has been on the Web it has proven very popular, with a substantial number of downloads.”NERC-logo

Lynn Rubinstein
Executive Director
Northeast Recycling Council

“CLEAResult hired AlterAction after seeing their work with the US EPA’s ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT program and being very impressed with the level of professionalism and nuanced attention to communication that is so paramount in marketing for the energy efficiency industry. While working on my program, the AlterAction team has continued this reputation and consistently brought innovative solutions and a robust work ethic. In our months working with Mike, Lena, and the rest of the team, I have found them to be both solution- and results-oriented while also personable and a pleasure to work with.”Alter Action Client Testimonials

Laura Brenner Kimes
Project Manager

“I really am thankful for the support I get from the whole team. We are in the midst of switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook and we were directed to clean and review all old emails. I guess I knew, but still I was struck by how many years we have worked together when reviewing past correspondences. It hasn’t been the safeness of continuity that makes that so, but rather the high quality of professionalism and effort that I can depend on every es_logoyear. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s nice to work with such likeable people.”

Steve Ryan
Program Manager