Mike Walker-President and Founder of AlterAction

Mike Walker, founder of AlterActionMike Walker, President and Founder

Mike started AlterAction in early 2002 as “Beacon Consultants” in the historic Boston neighborhood of Beacon Hill in order to tackle persistent social and environmental problems.

He believed that the same challenges lay at the core of both issues: understanding and then re-shaping human behavior.  Finding solutions involved combining his technology and business operations experience from many years in corporate America with the creativity of his early years as an advertising manager and musician.  Since that time the company has helped a wide range of corporate, nonprofit, and government clients understand and re-shape the behavior of customers, employees, and communities.

Mike’s experience running social marketing campaigns dates to the late 1980s, when he ran a number of successful initiatives at the US Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the health risks of radon gas and other indoor pollutants.  Today radon tests are required in most residential real estate transactions as a result of his team’s efforts.

Mike’s management experience includes senior positions in private industry and the public sector. Prior to founding AlterAction, Mike was Chief Operating Officer of Complete Communications, Inc. (now New England Network Group). In two years Mike helped transform CCI from a small PC manufacturer into a regional technology services leader with a reputation for exceptional service. In an independent survey, small businesses ranked CCI as one of the most competent and trusted service firms in New England.

Mike also served as VP of Client Services at Belenos, Inc., where he oversaw all corporate marketing activities, and he previously supervised large management consulting engagements at Deloitte Consulting. His work at Deloitte was dedicated to helping corporations leverage customer data to build and market better products and services.

Earlier in his career at the US Environmental Protection Agency, Mike led the development of federal environmental health policy and several innovative government programs, including EPA’s first Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaign. Mike later helped manage executive leadership programs for the nonprofit Council for Excellence in Government, with a goal of transferring innovative management solutions from the private sector to government.

Mike graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Virginia and holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School.