Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Mike Walker, founder of AlterActionMike Walker, President and Founder

Mike’s management experience includes senior positions in private industry and the public sector. Prior to founding AlterAction (then Beacon Consultants) in 2002, Mike was Chief Operating Officer of Complete Communications, Inc…. [more]

Jeff Fisher, Senior Transportation ConsultantJef Fisher B&W headshot

Jeff is a transportation industry veteran with over a quarter century of experience in green vehicle technologies. He has held executive management positions focusing on new technology deployment, government contracting, sales, and business development…[more]

Eric ButterfieldEric Butterfield, Senior Writer/Copywriter and Editor

Eric is a writer and editor specializing in human behavior, computer technology, and consumer electronics. Prior to joining AlterAction, he was senior associate editor at PC World magazine…[more]

AlterAction Strategic Partners

Our consulting teams often draw on a tight network of partners and associates who possess complementary skill sets. They include…