Services for Nonprofit & Government Clients

Federal Agencies.

Federal agencies can quickly access our services via two GSA Schedules (AIMS and MOBIS) and a number of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).
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International Social Marketing AssociationAlterAction is a member of the International Social Marketing Association
What is social marketing?

Services for Nonprofits and Government Agencies

AlterAction helps create a healthier, safer, smarter, more sustainable future through social marketing.  We develop program strategies, marketing campaigns, partnerships, and systems to support human behavior change initiatives.  Our work is data-driven and multi-faceted, leveraging behavioral economic theory, human-centered design principles, and a wide range of digital media and technology tools.  We’ve helped our clients promote:

Nonprofits sometimes hesitate to ask: can we afford to hire a consulting firm?

Here are five things we do to help make the answer “yes”…
  1. Deep operations and technology expertise helps us develop and implement more complete solutions
  2. Getting results takes us less time and saves you money because we staff your projects with experienced principals
  3. Your objectives are our top priorities. Our consultants have no billable hour quotas typical of traditional consulting firms: they are under no pressure to sell more work
  4. Our consultants are committed teachers. They want to help you accomplish your goals and increase your capacity to deal with similar challenges in the future
  5. Our “virtual” structure keeps our overhead costs very low. This allows us to staff highest quality consultants at a fraction of their former Deloitte, Accenture, and McKinsey, billing rates