Public Speaking

Audience testimonials:

“Without a doubt the most entertaining and informative speaker at [this conference].”
— Sarah M.

“Great insights, delivered with humor and humility.”
— Dennis T.

“Mike’s presentations are PACKED with great advice and tangible examples that really bring a concept home. He’s generous with his knowledge in a way that many consultants — afraid they might give away the goods for free — simply aren’t.”
— Cara C.

Mike Walker is a frequent public speaker on behavioral marketing

Public Speaking

Mike Walker is a frequent public speaker on behavioral marketing. Recent talks include:

  • Marketing Sustainability to Businesses: Applying the Lessons of Social Science Research to Maximize Your Impact
    Behavior Energy & Climate Change Conference
  • Technology and Human Motivation: Six Scientifically Proven Ways to Influence End-users
                            — Keynote address at ResNet
  • Leveraging the Web: Nonprofits and Online Marketing
    Harvard Business School
  • How I Learned to Speak Geek…and other Adventures in Energy Efficiency Marketing
    ESOURCE Marketing Conference
  • Sustainability and Human Behavior Change
    National Press Club

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