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Marketing Sustainability to Businesses: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

This 45 minute webinar draws on lessons from 25 years of behavioral marketing experience and research. We begin by sharing some of the less-obvious reasons why driving sustainability can be so challenging in business settings. Using real-world examples, we spotlight six common mistakes made by sustainability advocates, and we describe how you can avoid them. We summarize it all with practical tips and concrete takeaways, and leave plenty of time for questions.

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Successful Behavior Change Initiatives: Myths and Realities

Unfortunately, myths about what drives human decision-making and behavior abound, and they directly interfere with our ability to address pressing business and societal challenges.  And while the digital communications revolution has put new tools in the hands of marketers, it has also rendered traditional marketing approaches obsolete.

This 45 minute webinar will debunk the biggest behavior-change myths, and share what actually works when it comes to behavior change marketing.   We will draw on lessons from 25 years of behavioral marketing experience and research, and a rich history of change initiatives (think seat belts, the war against drugs, etc.)

We’ll conclude with practical tips and concrete takeaways that you can put to work in your own initiatives, whether those initiatives seek to change the behavior of customers, colleagues, or communities.

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