Persuading fleet managers to buy hybrid trucks


Client: Environmental Defense Fund

How do we convince corporate fleet managers to buy hybrid trucks?


  • We quantified the economic benefits of hybrids, including estimates of fuel savings, vehicle maintenance costs, tax incentives, and other factors
  • Nevertheless, fleet managers had concerns about the hidden costs of hybrids vs. gas or diesel vehicles
  • We broke the logjam by identifying hidden benefits. Specifically, we gathered, curated, and shared information about the confusing assortment of national, regional, state and local incentive funding available to fleets. Unbeknownst to fleet managers, hybrid trucks were often eligible for more than one incentive program, which brought down their cost substantially
  • By clearing up the confusion around incentive funding — and helping fleets access the incentives for which they were qualified– we created a more powerful business case for the purchase of hybrid trucks


A number of corporations, including AT&T, Xcel Energy, Ferguson Enterprises, and Northeast Utilities now operate hybrid trucks as a result of our work.