Persuading fleet drivers to adopt fuel-efficient behaviors


Client: Environmental Defense Fund and PHH Arval

How can large vehicle fleet managers persuade their vehicle operators to become more fuel-efficient drivers?


  • Developed a turn-key program for changing driver behavior that almost any fleet could implement
  • Provided examples of highly effective messaging, outreach channels, leverage points and collaboration with key influencers
  • Provided recommendations regarding the presentation of telematics data to drivers
  • Outlined incentive schemes (including mileage-based rewards) and other tools for influencing driver behavior
  • All program components were rooted in findings taken from interviews, surveys, behavioral economics, social-psychology research, and consultations with industry and subject-matter experts

Although savings data are proprietary, our recommendations are saving fuel and money and are being widely implemented. Anecdotal evidence suggests that fleets adopting our program see a 10-20% drop in fuel consumption.