Encouraging employees to act sustainably


Client: United Parcel Service (UPS)

How can we engage UPS employees around the world to reduce their personal carbon footprints?


  • Developed ten specific, measurable, actions that employees could take in each of four core areas of sustainability: energy, fuel, waste, and water
  • These specific, measurable, actions were incorporated into a secure website where UPS employees, friends and family could set personal goals, record their efforts, and track their personal carbon footprint based on the actions they take
  • By rolling up personal accomplishments (e.g., water and energy saved, fuel conserved, and waste avoided), employees and their families can view how their efforts contribute toward the greater good of the UPS community
  • Website design and all messaging leveraged lessons from social psychology, behavioral economics, and the science of human decision making, including:

Providing clear, straightforward, actionable instructions

Quantifying the economic and environmental benefits of each action

Providing immediate, meaningful feedback to participants on the impact of their actions

Garnering written, public commitments from participants

Social norms

The loss aversion principle


TBD.  Initial end-user testing was very encouraging.