Convincing consumer electronics makers to design more energy-efficient products


Client: U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program

How do we persuade consumer electronics makers to design more energy-efficient products?


  • Helped to plan, launch, and support an ENERGY STAR initiative whose goal was to reduce the energy consumed by consumer electronics.  Focused the effort on encouraging manufacturers to use more energy efficient “switch-mode” power supplies.
  • Developed and presented economic and environmental “business cases” to consumer electronics executives.
  • Assisted consumer electronics manufacturers in sourcing more energy-efficient components.
  • Garnered positive publicity for the efforts of cooperating manufacturers.
  • Raised awareness among consumers by working with print and online media companies to develop consumer-interest stories.

Our collaborations with Samsung, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble, D-link, Staples, and others helped bring about the widespread adoption of more efficient “switch-mode” power supplies in electronic products, despite their higher cost. Most small consumer electronics products on the market today use energy-saving power supplies.