Mini Museum of Behavior Change

Welcome to the AlterAction Mini Museum of Behavior Change

Welcome to our somewhat random (eclectic?) collection of behavior change photos and videos. If you have something that deserves to be featured here, please share it! No charge for our commentary…


Q: What corporate website would be complete without a clip from "Wayne's World"?
A: ANY corporate website. But we're not ANY corporate website, are we?

We Americans love our sugary drinks. If only they had that much caffeine in them, too.

The State of Georgia recently legalized guns in saloons, so this sign may have a new lease on life!

What’s missing from this picture, of course, are neighboring recycling bins.

You’ve probably seen some variant of this: a good example of a “visual prompt” leveraging “social norms.”

Sometimes comparisons can lead audiences to unintended conclusions. E.g., “If there’s that much sugar in milk, just pour me another Coke!

Who knew? Kidding aside, this is a nice example of a “visual prompt,” although it would be better if it were a more permanent sticker.

These cast-iron signs are literally embedded in the pavement above storm drains in Boston (and other great cities). A terrific example of a visual prompt with staying power — trust us, we tried to lift one.

A poignant reminder to those of us who help craft behavior change messaging for a living: don’t bury the lead!

Always wondered how they fired up the crematory — now we know.