— Methodology


If you’ve ever hired a consultant, you know it’s important to understand how they approach a problem. Here’s how we approach behavior change challenges.

Our Approach

Most of our projects follow a five step process that first seeks to understand the drivers of current behavior and barriers to alternative action. We then develop solutions that leverage behavioral economic theory, human-centered design principles, and a wide range of media and technology tools.  Click on any step in the process below to see additional details.

1. Understand Contextunderstand context and review


  • Strategic context
  • Existing marketing plans
  • Key metrics: sales, market share, etc.
  • Existing “voice of the customer” data
  • Current behaviors & specific desired behaviors
  • Project goals

2. Listen & Observelisten, observe and collect information


  • Customer interviews and observations
  • Customer experience maps
  • Unmet needs of the customer
  • Environmental & contextual data
  • Industry and subject-matter expertise
  • Stakeholder perspectives

3. Develop Solutionsdevelop solutions for behavior change


  • Environmental & contextual changes
  • Product & service modifications
  • Incentives to satisfy rational and emotional needs
  • Promotional strategies, tactics
  • Opportunities to leverage behavioral science

4. Pilot Testpilot test behavior change solutions

Prepare & Test…

  • Re-engage stakeholders
  • Define pilot scope & requirements
  • Develop organizational delivery capacity: processes, HR, and IT
  • Plan
  • Test core products/services/campaigns

5. Measure & Assessmeasure and evaluate behavior change strategy


  • Measure pilot results vs. baseline
  • Assess progress towards project goals
  • Either prepare for broader rollout, or refine the solution

Follow-Upiterate behavior change strategy as needed
Iterate as needed.